Why Use GPS?

GPS is the Technology Innovator – Over 75,000 Installations Worldwide!


Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) is the pioneer in needlepoint bi-polar ionization cold plasma technology. With SIX patents granted, and numerous other patents pending, GPS is the uncontested market innovator creating disruptive technology in numerous markets.  Outside of the residential, commercial and industrial HVAC markets, GPS has developed products for commercial and private aviation, commercial high speed hand dryers and automobiles, just to name a few.  GPS is truly the market leader!  At GPS, we are Always Innovating, Never Imitating!


GPS is 50% Veteran Owned and Operated


Wounded Warrior

GPS is 50% veteran owned and over 66% of the manufacturing employees are US veterans!  Nearly all of GPS’ products are 100% USA raw material sourced and manufactured in our 10,000ft2 facility located in Savannah, GA.


Third Party Testing to Prove Claims

Independent 3rd party testing by multiple entities including Prism Analytical Technologies, EMSL Labs (a CDC Elite Rated Lab), ATS Labs, Bureau Veritas, and Green Clean Air are just a few sources that have lab and field tested GPS’ products to verify the effects of the patented cold plasma technology.

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Energy Savings

Over 600 projects have been designed and installed using GPS’ technology and GPS’ ASHRAE 62 based IAQ spreadsheet.  GPS provides engineers, consultants and contractors tools to take advantage of the ASHRAE 62 Indoor Air Quality Procedure.  First cost and energy savings will be achieved on new and retrofit installations as well as design-build projects.  As a rule-of-thumb, the outside air can be reduced by up to 75% in non-healthcare applications, subject to building pressurization requirements.  A typical school with 100,000 square feet will save over 125 tons in cooling and over $30,000 a year in energy savings!  The average first cost reduction in schools has been over $300,000!

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Installation Supervision & Startup Services

GPS provides both installation supervision and startup support for customers that request those services. GPS’ products are easy to install and simple to maintain.


No Replacement Parts & Essentially No Maintenance

Unlike GPS’ competitors, GPS is the only manufacturer that builds self sustaining systems that never require replacement parts.  No ion tubes to replace, wash or calibrate, how much easier could it get?  In the majority of applications, there are no maintenance requirements.